Today’s lesson: Snail Sex

Kicking Ass in the UK - April 20-28th

It is my extreme pleasure to announce that I will be accepting sessions in London April 20-28th. This is my first trip to the UK, and I’m keen to make it a memorable debauch visit. I will be seeing hapless victims for sessions at a centrally located, exquisitely appointed, upscale BDSM facility. I am accepting advance appointments via my website, Inquiring parties should review my website and fill out my session inquiry form in order to gain my audience. 

Double Sessions with Mistress Darcy
For the truly hedonistic kinkster with a death wish, it may be possible this month to arrange a Double-Domme session with myself and Femme-Fatale Mistress Darcy. This opportunity is unique, promisingly perverted, and simply not to be missed!!!

I was interviewed recently by a reporter from CNET, who was interested in learning how Pro-Dommes use Amazon wish lists to play with financial domination and gifting. So, I gave her the scoop…

I am thrilled and honored to have recently participated in a panel discussion on sex worker issues on the Savage Love Podcast. Mistress Matisse, Delia DeLions, and I fielded a slew of different kinds of questions from listeners. Topics of discussion included the etiquette of purchasing erotic labor, how to date a sex worker, the arguments for decriminalization of prostitution, the anti-sex trafficking movement, and soooo much more. We recorded with Dan for 2.5 hours and his crew somehow boiled it down to 45 minutes. Phew! It’s a potent podcast, give it a listen….

How come you don't make any ab/dl videos anymore? :(

I love providing hot role play fetish videos, but am currently not doing so for a variety of reasons, which I talk about in a blog post entitled “Observations from the Field of Fetish Porn”.

Dear Mistress Savannah,

I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s session. It was incredibly intense and hardcore. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since and likely won’t be able to anytime soon. At the end when you took me on our field trip, I really feel like that took me to another level, somewhere I haven’t been before in our previous sessions or anywhere else. Thank you also for complying with my wardrobe request, you looked incredibly hot. I can’t wait for our next session and will be practicing vigorously until then. Hope to see you (and maybe Delia) soon!

Your #1 rubber cock sucker

March 2014, a thank you letter from one of my favorite sluts.

Vacuum Beds on the Cat Walk!

This looks like so much fun, doesn’t it?

I have a black latex vac-bed and it’s splendid for zipping up rubber bondage enthusiasts, or anyone seeking immobilization and sensory deprivation.. I like to dribble silicon lube all over my naked body and slither around on the vac-bed while someone is helplessly encased inside. This video stoked a powerful urge in me to walk up to one of these models and tickle their feet through the plastic…

Sadie Hawkins Discusses 10 Years of Pro-Domination

Video Interview:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Goddess Sadie Hawkins, who I met at International Ms. Leather two years ago. Like me, Ms. Hawkins has just celebrated her 10 Year Anniversary as a sex worker, specializing as a Professional BDSM Mistress. I love so many things about Sadie (especially her amazing Grace Jones flattop), and I particularly adore the frankness with which she talks about her work, identifying as a sex worker and observing our industry with a clear, honest eye. There are many Pro-Dommes who do not identify with the phrase “sex worker” because their job generally does not involve nudity or intercourse, but Sadie explains her affinity for the phrase comes from her ability to work with sexual energy, which she does with amazing authority and grace in her BDSM sessions. Having seen her in action, I can assure you that Sadie Hawkins as a force of nature, well worth meeting in person if you ever get the chance. 

Co-Author or “Sex at Dawn” Christopher Ryan explains how our egalitarian primitive ancestors got their groove on, pointing out that pair-bonding and monogamy were not adventurous “back in the day”. Might we apply this knowledge to our contemporary mating patterns, and evaluate exactly how (or if) strict monogamy our Victorian heritage of sexual shame have served us?

Who says it’s too late to ring in the holidays?
I was just digging through some of my favorite emails from my darling patrons, and this one made me light up with joy! This was written by a very special spanko boy, who decided to try his hand a poetry-parody to entertain me in December:
On the 12th day of training, my Mistress gave to me:
12 wooden paddlings 
11 leather strappings
10 thigh canings 
9 nasty slipperings 
8 prison strappings 
7 hairbrush spankings
6 flogger lashes
4 single-tails 
3 sets of chains
2 mouth soapings 
and a spanking right across her knee.
imageMs. Savannah and her lovely assistant Ms. Audrey